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Translucent White Polycarbonate Sheet Hollow X-Structure Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets Price

Polycarbonate X Structure Sheet

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Translucent White Polycarbonate Sheet Hollow X-Structure Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets Price

Guangdong Guoweixing Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. wholesale Pc Hollow sheet extrusion lLine manufacturer, polycarbonate Sheet Supplier pecializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets. These hollow sheets are made from polycarbonate, a durable and versatile material that provides excellent impact resistance and thermal insulation properties. The multiwall X structure hollow sheet design adds strength and stability, making the sheets suitable for a wide range of applications including roofing, skylights, greenhouses, and partitions. Available in various thicknesses and sizes, our sheet Polycarbonate Multiwall  are lightweight, UV-resistant, and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Guoweixing Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. guarantees superior products that meet international standards and regulations

  • Brand Name GWX
  • Type Multiwall Hollow polycarbonate sheet
  • Product name Sun Sheets & PC Embossed Sheets
  • Material PC
  • Color Clear, green, blue , brown , opal or as per request, customized
  • Thickness 4mm-20mm, as your request
  • Max Width 2100mm,custom
  • Length 5800mm,custom
  • Warranty 10-Year
  • Certification ISO9001-2008
  • Coating UV protection one side / double side
  • Feature Impact resistant,Fire resistant,Sound insulation,Thermal Insulation, waterproof

Product Featuresgwx

  • 9q7p

    Outstanding Endurance

    • The sheet is celebrated for its remarkable wear resistance and impact resilience. Crafted from high-quality PC polycarbonate material, the hollow sheet exhibits exceptional weather resistance. Whether facing extreme weather conditions or high-pressure scenarios, it consistently maintains its resilient quality, ensuring enduring performance.
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    Exceptional Transparency

    • With exceptional transparency, the hollow sheet imparts a clear and transparent appearance to products. This not only elevates the product's aesthetics but also enhances light penetration, offering users a more comfortable visual experience.
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    Lightweight and Flexible

    • Compared to traditional materials, the hollow sheet is more lightweight and flexible, facilitating dynamic product designs. Its lightness not only ensures convenient transportation but also opens doors to innovative designs, infusing products with creativity. Its lightweight and easy-to-process characteristics make it suitable for various scenario,providing reliable solutions across different fields.
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    Versatile Applications

    • Widely employed in construction, billboards, automotive components, and more, the hollow sheet's stable performance makes it the material of choice for outdoor advertising, sunshades, automotive windows, and diverse applications, showcasing adaptability across various scenarios.Its diverse applications make it a gem in architectural design.
Product Name Polycarbonate hollow sheet
Place of Origin Guangdong provice, Anhui province, Jiangsu province, China
Material 100% Virgin polycarbonate materials
Colours Clear, brown, blue, green, opal white, gray or customized color
Thickness 3-20 mm Polycarbonate hollowsheet
Width 2.1m ,1.22m,1.05m or customized
Length 3m/5.8m/6m/11.8m/12m or customized
Surface With 50 micron UV protection , heatresistance
Retardant standard Grade B1(GB Standard)Polycarbonate hollow sheet
Delivery Time Within 7-10 working days once wereceived the deposit
Sample Free samples will send you for test
Application Greenhouse,PC bubble tent,Gardenhouse,Swimming pool cover
UV protective layer 50μm
Softening temperature 148°C
Long-term operating temperature -40-120°C
Elasticity modulus 2400MPA(1mm/rain.SO 527)
Tensile yield stress 63MPA(at yeild 50mm/min.lSO 527)
Tensile strain 6%(at yeild 50mm/min.lSO 527)
Nominal tensile strain at break >50%(at break 50mm/min.lSO 527)
Impact strength of simply-supportedbeam method at23°C NB(ISO 179/leU)
Impact strength of simply-supportedbeam method at30°C NB(ISO 179/eU)
Impact strength ofcantilever beam method (notch) at23°C 80ki/m2(1S0 180/4A)
Impact strength ofcantilever beam method (notch) at30°C 20ki/m3(lsO 180/4A)
Fireproof performance GB8624-1997 B1

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable, Leading Future Trendsgwx

As the demand for sustainable construction grows, PC polycarbonate solid sheets are set to lead future trends. Their recyclability, low energy consumption in production, and environmentally friendly characteristics position them as a key driver in the construction industry's move towards sustainability. Committed to environmentally friendly practices, the solid sheet's recyclability and durability contribute to sustainable development by reducing resource waste.